Lista produktów marki Vapy

VAPY is based on market knowledge and experience of Chemnovatic - European nicotine and e-liquid flavorings manufacturer.

VAPY is a line of carefully selected, best selling classic flavors manufactured using only the highest quality, certified ingredients sourced from Europe. The minimalist, elegant packaging, the wide flavor variety and the optimal PG/VG ratio make VAPY the perfect choice for all vapers. The more proficient users will appreciate the possibility of combining the basic VAPY flavors to create completely new flavor compositions.
VAPY Complex Edition is a line of premium e-liquids. Through years of extended experience and cooperation with testers around the globe we’ve created a series of bold and distinctive flavor compositions to satisfy even the most demanding vapers. That, along with the beautifully designed packaging, resulted in a hot-selling line of liquids. VAPY Complex Edition have been awarded on international trade fairs and are appreciated by vapers across the world.

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